Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthy Enchilada's...yum!

I have been dreaming of Mexican food for a while now. I love it so much, but with all the cheese it does not like my body. So I made enchilada's that fit into my pointsplus plan!! A meager 6 points for 2 of them!!! Oh yeah, they were so good!!!! Here is the recipe:

3 pieces of grilled or boiled chicken breast
12 small corn tortillas (Kroger brand are best..2 for 1 point)
1 med. can of red enchilada sauce
1.5 cups of reduced fat shredded cheese (I used Kroger brand Mexican blend)
3 Tbs. olive oil or spray (I have a pump I bought at w.w. that sprays out exactly 1 point)

Make an assembly line of the ingredients: First prepare and shred your pre-cooked chicken, set aside. Then pre-cook your tortillas in a pan with oil. It work's best to use a spray olive oil, put aside. Grab a plate and make 6 separate 1/4 cup piles of cheese. Put sauce in a bowl.

Now that everything is ready, pour a thin layer of sauce in a glass baking dish. Put aside. Take a tortilla and drop it in the bowl of sauce covering it completely. Put about 1 ounce of chicken in the tortilla, add 1/3 of 1 of one of your cheese piles (so basically 1/3 of a 1/4 cup) over chicken. Add a bit of sauce if desired. Roll it up, leaving it open at each end. Put in baking dish, seam side down. After you've made 2 enchiladas, pour a Tbsp of sauce over the enchiladas and sprinkle the remaining 1/3 of your pile of cheese over the top of the 2 tortillas. Repeat this step until all are in the pan!

Point break down:
1 point for 2 tortillas
0 point for sauce
2 points for 1/4 cup cheese
2 points for 2 ounces of chicken
1 point for oil

That makes 6 points for 2, yummy, delicious, incredible enchiladas!! Enjoy!

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