Friday, January 20, 2012

Feeling so empowered on this beautiful Friday morning!

I had my meeting last night and I lost 3.2 pounds!!! What an amazing feeling!! I really feel as though I can do anything!! I set my mind on a goal and I'm only 22 pounds away from my 85 goal by April 20th for Disneyland!!! I love it! I was able to eat out 3 times. I always shy away from restaurant's because I feel like it weakens my resolve, but I was really able to enjoy life this week and be a part of my family's festivities. I just made really smart choices, like ordering lettuce to replace my turkey burger bun at TGIFridays and choosing salad instead of fries at Nathan's birthday party. I even ate steak and sweat potatoes fries at our football get together. All I can say is, it works and I'm going to get where I want to be!!!

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