Sunday, February 26, 2012


This spotlight is really more of a flood light. It's on the amazing friends and family in California. If you want or need a confidence boost to feel like a million bucks seriously come here for a visit. Everyone made me feel so special. Nadina, who was the catalyst in this journey for me was so happy to see me and proud of me and always listens to my blabbing about weight loss. She is such a precious, vital part of this journey for me because she is who I thank everyday for my push into it. Nadi's dad, Marty, was complimenting me so much and kept telling Andrew he had a skinny wife. I'm not skinny yet, but I will be ;). Laila was amazing and noticed that I looked more narrow. She also commented on how I move quicker and with more ease. Matt was so great and said how good I've been and complimented me. Nadi's mom came over and said how proud she was and really loves reading my blog. Thanks Doris ;) I enjoy writing it. Matt's mom Sue was also so so sweet to me! She always tells me I'll be on a commercial someday. That would be super cool! My sisters reaction was the most special to me. She hugged me in the parking lot and I brought tears to her eyes at how different I look. She's is one of my biggest fans snd I am definetly hers! Overall this trip has been so wonderfull for my confidence. A lot of the people I talked to said how I've inspired them to eat healthy or work out. I never would have thought in a million years that I could make other people feel inspired. But the truth is they are all playing an important role in my journey, through their inspiration, love, encouragement, support and friendship. I really, really love you all. Thank you for helping save my life.

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