Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Played tourist on the strip and it was AWESOME!!!

My hubby and I took the day off yesterday and played tourist on the strip! This is something I truly used to dread when we had friends or family come to town. I would always make an excuse to stay home because being on the strip always leads to a lot of walking. I used to get winded, my back would be throbbing and my feet would hurt with just a hundred steps. Well yesterday was a different story entirely! We walked everywhere!! According to my pedometer we walked nearly 30,000 steps!! My feet did not burn, my back felt fantastic and I certainly did not get winded!! I didn't even sweat and we never had to stop for me to rest!! What an amazing feeling that was!!! I was so proud of myself! We followed up our great day with taking the kids to Reforest Cafe and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, salad and grilled veggies! My kids had such a great time and I love being able to enjoy family time instead of turning it down out of fear I wont lose weight. Because I know I'll still lose. I'm making very healthy choices and working out so much that I am confident I will meet my goals!!!

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