Saturday, February 18, 2012


So this spotlight is really on a couple of people. I touched on them in my initial blog but I really love the people in my meetings. My leader, Maria, is so sweet to me. She has always been so amazing and supportive, encouraging and kind. She makes me LOVE my Thursday night meetings. Also, Beth who is an assistant. She always gives me praise and a big, sweet smile. I know it is in their job description to be this way to an extent, but I have been to other meetings and no one does it better. It's just who they are. My mom's boss joined Weight Watchers and she goes to a different center. She had heard about a girl from another center who had lost nearly 80 pounds. So she asked my mom what my name was and when she said my name, she said they were talking about how well I was doing and they use my story as a motivational method. That makes me feel so special. It tells me they are genuinely proud of my accomplishments. This just makes me want to continue making them proud.

If I can be an example to people on will power, commitment, courage and determination, that is the best gift you can give to someone. Cause this works. I am living proof that your goals are reachable if you want them bad enough! I just hope one day, when I get to my goal weight I can inspire people on a bigger level. But for now, I am proud and inspired to be doing it in my little corner of the world.

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