Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disneyland was the greatest!!!!

I had so many fears about this trip.  I knew I'd lost more than the amount of weight I set out to, but I was still nervous about not being able to fit on the rides.  I haven't been able to since I took Joe when he was 4 years old.  That's 12 years of waiting to go on Space Mountain and other fun rides.  It's one of the reasons I lost weight.  I started thinking about all the things I love that I was missing out on.  Parts of me that were no longer me because of my size.  So naturally I was fearful that I still would not fit.  I literally chewed my fingernails off the days leading up to our trip.  Not to mention my fear of being in pain like I was when we went in 2009 for Christmas.  We went for one day and I had to stop every few minutes to rest and when we were done with the day, I was almost completely debilitated.  I could barely move and every step felt like I would collapse.
This time was a complete turn around from that woman I was in 2009.  We went on our very first ride, Space Mountain, my favorite roller coaster, and I fit great!  No problem at all!!!!  I was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that I was actually on the ride again after so many years, I cried and laughed the entire ride.  We proceeded to ride it a total of 11 times over the coarse of the 3 day trip.  Every new ride I got on, I was a bit nervous at first but I fit fine in every one we rode.  The best part about the rides were that my kids and husband were so happy I was with them.  We got to experience that joy and thrill together as a family, the way it should be.  I truly felt normal.  Like the mom I should be.  One that can have fun with her family and be a part of every memory they have. 

I never got winded or tired either.  I mean sure, I was worn out by the end of the day because I stayed opening to close all 3 days, but I never had to stop and take a breath.  We must have walked 40 miles over the coarse of 3 days.  Up hill many times, one park to another, back and forth to the hotel, etc.  Never had to stop, not even one time.  In fact, many times I was leading the pack.  It certainly helps that I walk 3 miles 4 days a week uphill on the treadmill ;)  My feet hurt by the end of the day (so did everyones) but I was full of energy by morning and ready to go every time! 

I was extremely sad to leave, but the memories we made on this trip will be something that we will have forever.  I wasn't afraid to be in pictures with my family.  I felt so proud to be there with them, in every line, on every ride, in every photo.  I'm so happy that I am a coaster rider again and I am so excited for our next trip!  We're planning it for some time in October and I'm hoping to have lost another 60 pounds by then.  That will make it even better, if that's even possible ;)        

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