Thursday, April 5, 2012

I did it!!! I passed my goal of 100 pounds by Disneyland!!

Tonight was a really great night at Weight Watchers.  I only needed 1.4 pounds to get to 100 and I am never sure what I weigh.  But I hoped for the best and brought my family with me to be with me in the event I got to that big number.  When I got on the scale I was so nervous!  When she told me I had lost 8 pounds, I was so excited!!!  I finally got to that monumental number and I am so proud of myself!  I really feel like I accomplished something special.  My leader was so excited for me!!  We had a little celebration and I received a gold charm and a certificate.  I cried of coarse because I really am so thankfull to everyone and I wanted them to know how much their stories encourage and inspire me.  It was so nice having my family there to be a part of it and they were so proud and just beeming. 

My initial goal was to lose 100 pounds in a year.  It's been 6 months and 20 days and I've lost 106.6 pounds!  What an amazing feeling I have.  I have worked really hard and have been 100% dedicated to changing my life style and it's worked!  I've never had this amount of willpower in my life.  It's all made possible by my husband who allows me to leave 4 nights a week to go to the gym and my meeting and happily takes care of the kids while I do that.  My kids who are always so proud of me and wait by the door to see what my weight loss is for that week.  My family and my amazing friends who cheer me on every day, I hear your cheers every time I have moments of weakness.  My weight watchers friends and leader who I learn from every week.  Thank you all so much!!! 

I am ready to start round 2 of this journey and know I have the most amazing, loving, encouraging and supportive friends and family anyone could ask for!  I am so grateful and so blessed to know all of you!

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