Saturday, May 12, 2012

Came through a plateau with flying colors...

I haven't blogged since I got back from vacation mostly because I was in a rotten plateau, something I've been dreading since say one of starting Weight Watchers.  Everyone warned me about it, but I stayed a step ahead of it at every turn.  So when I went to Disneyland, I thought all the walking would help me out in keeping the dreaded plateau at bay.  However, my body thought differently and it happened.  In fact, I only lost 1 pound over a 3 week period of time.  I was devestated each time I stood on that scale and only lost .2 or .4.  UGH!  So frusterating!  I was not going over my points at all.  So, a couple of weeks ago I got really sick and thought for sure I would gain weight, but I didn't.  I drank a ton of water, ate really fresh food and I ended up losing 11 pounds.  Thank goodness!!!  I finally went back to the gym after 19 days of being on vacation or sick and it felt amazing!  I really feel my body craves the gym.  I went 3 days in a row and then weighed in last Thursday for another 5.4 pounds!  I even had a stay-cation with my hubby and we had room service and cocktails and still came out with a "W" for the week.  I know it wasn't much of a plateau, but for me and the dedication I have to this journey, it was rough for me.  But now I know I don't have to be afraid of it because it will happen again and I will get though it. 

One thing the dreaded plateau can not take away from me is how great I feel.  I have so much more confidence in myself.  I feel so comfortable in my own skin.  I even bought a new bathing suit and didn't have to wear a cover up or stay wrapped in a towel by the pool.  Thats a first for me in years and years.  I couldn't be more happy and I'm looking forward to getting even more fit!  What a great summer this will be :)

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