Saturday, April 14, 2012

100 Changes in 100 Pounds

I have been thinking a lot about how much has changed since I started my weight loss journey and while some of these things are extremely personal, I think they are important to share so if anyone sees anything on this list, they are struggling with, they can make a change.  I have never been happier and although some of the changes are big and some are small, they are ALL significant and important in every way!  I am looking forward to more changes and improving the changes already taking place!!

1. I can put both arms down at the movie theater
2. I can use all bathroom stalls without trouble
3. I can fit into a booth at restaurants
4. My chair at work stays up
5. I can walk my kids all the way to school
6. My back doesn’t ache when I’m walking at all
7. I don’t look for close parking spots
8. I can pull my pants up quickly
9. I can pull them off more quickly too
10. I have been able to buy smaller undies
11. I lost a whole cup size in my bra and 4 bust sizes
12. I no longer have to wear sports bra’s that goes over my head
13. I don’t sweat unless I’m working out, not just sitting in a chair
14. My ankles aren’t swollen
15. I no longer have to take blood pressure medication
16. I don’t have a hard time breathing
17. I don’t have a hard time sleeping
18. I can hold my daughter on my lap again
19. I don’t get winded walking up my stairs
20. I don’t get winded walking through parking lots
21. I get out of the car and walk into Starbucks instead of always driving up
22. I order skinny everything and fried nothing
23. I don’t have to wiggle into my seat belt or even move to get it on
24. My belly doesn’t come up to the steering wheel anymore
25. My feet don’t hurt anymore
26. My back doesn’t hurt anymore
27. I don’t get stared at while at the kids school…not even the high school
28. I am officially 2 sizes smaller in shirts and pants
29. Sometimes 3 sizes smaller ;)
30. My shoulders keep my bra straps up
31. I can feel and SEE my collar bone again
32. My legs are stronger
33. My fingers are smaller
34. My wedding ring is 2 sizes too big
35. I’m quicker when I walk
36. I say yes to my kids when they want me to play with them outside
37. I’m no longer lazy
38. I cook more often for myself and my family
39. I bring lunch to work every day
40. I can say no to fattening treats at work without wishing I could say yes
41. I eat healthy alternatives to the things I love
42. I no longer hide food
43. I don’t eat fast food
44. My undies and pants don’t leave painful marks on my belly
45. I can see my feet again
46. I touch my toes again
47. I’m not afraid to try new things
48. I’m not afraid to meet new people
49. I feel strength in my arms
50.  I have a jaw line
51. I’m losing my double chin
52. I completely lost the triple one : )
53. My glasses don’t fit
54. I love the taste of water
55. I joined a gym
56. I’m not afraid to talk to people about my weight
57. I like taking pictures more often
58. I can get off the couch easily
59. I can get in and out of the car easily
60. I can cross my legs “Indian style”
61. I can put my leg up on my other leg while tying my shoe
62. I can bend down to tie my shoes
63. I have no problem putting on my socks
64. I can bend my knees and put my feet up on the coffee
65. I don’t snore anymore (says my husband)
66. I track every bite of food I eat (whether I like the amount of points or not ;)
67. I am a positive person in my kids’ lives
68. My hubby has been getting healthy too watching me get healthy
69. I have inspired a dozen people to start Weight Watchers including my mom
70. My kids are making healthier choices
71. I inspire people to get fit through my blogs and posts
72. I have a belly button!
73. I have no more difficulty in the shower washing certain body parts
74. I have a personal trainer at the gym
75. I was approached by the owner of the gym to do a spotlight to motivate people
76. I care about my appearance more
77. I don’t have heart palpitations at night anymore
78. I can get up off the floor easily without having to hold onto something
79. I sleep really well at night
80. My feet are shrinking to a narrower and smaller size
81. I can paint my own toenails easily
82. I push myself to work harder instead of making excuses to stop
83. I have found a new love for fruit and veggies
84. I can feel my muscles moving when I walk
85. I’m not afraid of the word “fat” anymore
86. I can run around after my kids
87. I can feel the bones in my knees
88. I can shop at almost every department store
89. I can cross my arms across my chest
90. I don’t have a lot of time for TV. because I’m too active
91. My hubby can put his arms around me
92. I can fit my towel all the way around
93. I can see the bones in my feet
94. My wrists are smaller
95. I can feel the bones in my elbows
96. I am starting to see muscle definition in my upper arms
97. I can easily grab things off the floor
98. I no longer say the word can’t, only I can and I will
99. I have loads and loads of energy
100. I see a healthy future with my husband and my kids


  1. Thanks Tess!! I actually love it too! I can't wait for the next 100 changes to happen. I just love my new life!