Friday, July 13, 2012

It's been an interesting month...

I just realized I haven't blogged in a month!  I'm still losing weight and working out, but it's been a busy and and vacations.  I guess that's what I work for.  In the last month I have only lost about 6 pounds, which is nothing really special to report.  I am however, extremely happy about the progress I've been making on my work outs!  My trainer (I love saying that) has increased my workouts from a 10% to a 100%!  He has me running sprints on the treadmill, then I go to 4 ab exercises, the 4 core balance sets and then to the weight room for 8 different sets of weights with 2 sets each.  This is extreme sports to me.  I can't even believe my body is allowing me to do this.  When I started this weight loss journey in September of last year, I couldn't even go around my block without gasping for air and stopping at least twice and it still amazes me when I finish my hour and a half work out consisting of all those strenuous activities.  So I've been told I'm gaining muscle, but I just don't know.  I think it has to do with the fact that lately I have been saying oh one bite won't hurt and it's really not like me to do that.  So I will get back to basics and start over with my strict regimen and hopefully I can get over the plateau slump I'm in.  One thing is for sure, I could not do any of it without going to my meetings every week and definitely not do it without the support of my friends and you all!     

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