Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goal is it's crunch time!

OK, I came out of the gate pretty strong with my weight loss...but now I feel like I am at a strange plateau.  I'm not gaining weight at all, but I am not losing a lot either.  I make really good choices with the food I eat, I'm at the gym a minimum of 3 days per week and I have never missed a meeting at Weight Watchers and yet, I'm still only losing a small amount each week.  I still have not gained any weight, but I'm always so fearful of that especially when I go to my meeting and only lose .4 pounds.  This could have easily swung the other way.  I'm in a phase right now where I am experimenting with different ways to boost my work-outs, metabolism, etc.  Anyway, I fully expect to continue on this journey with these ups and downs.  My next goal is 150 pounds lost by September 13th.  That's exactly 1 year from the day I started Weight Watchers.  I figured it out and I need to lose a minimum of 1.8 per week in order to meet this goal.  I think I can obtain this and in the past when I've had a very specific goal in mind, I have made it work!  Once again, I am so lucky to have the supportive family and friends to help me along and support these highs and lows.  Lots of love to you all!!

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