Monday, May 28, 2012

Beachin' summer day...

I had an amazing day yesterday at the beach with just about everyone I truly love here.  Missing my family of coarse and handful of other people... but overall everyone came out to Newport for a birthday party..yeah, I want to have my birthday at the beach too ;)  It was glorious and beautiful.  I love the ocean so much.  So peaceful and serene.  I was so relaxed.  The best thing about it was comparing it to my experience in the past.  Last summer I had the hardest time walking in the sand from the car to the water.  I had to stop to catch my breath, I was winded and I dreaded having to walk back to use the bathroom because I knew I'd have to tackle the awful walk back through the sand.  I was so debilitated.  I just lived with it for so long and accepted that I was no an active person.  I was wrong.  I did have an active person inside just hiding behind my weight.  This experience was way different.  I walked several times through the sand.  I ran through the sand.  I RAN through the sand....WTH???!!!  YES!!  That feeling was amazing.  This was nothing like I've experienced in a really, really long time.  I even surprised myself.  My body continues to amaze me as I find new things it can do that it could not before.  I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment.  I remember dreading summer in the past.  The heat, the outdoor activity, the bathing suit...gooo.  But now, I am so happy it's summer.  These are the months I will now look forward to from now on.  Yay summer!

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