Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rough week...but came out on top!

I kind of had a mini-melt down on Wednesday night this week because I was completely off my normal routine.  I felt like I got a gutter ball right after a strike compared to the previous week.  We had friends and family in town, and went out to eat several times and I had several cocktails.  I never, ever do this in my average week.  I am so hard core, that I almost never drink anymore.  I truly have been treating my body like a temple lately.  I also didn't have time to go to the gym and skipped it Monday and Tuesday night.  So, when Wednesday night rolled around I got a text from my friend Heather (she has been a spotlight before in previous blogs) she said, "Do not beat yourself up about the week you've had, sometimes life gets in the way"  I was literally bawling for an hour straight.  She opened up the flood gates of the stress I'd been feeling about having a bad week and the fear of gaining weight.  I was nervous all day Thursday, even contemplated skipping my meeting.  But, I realized it's part of the journey.  I can't always be perfect.  I have to live my life.  Having friends and family come visit, is normal and something I'll have to deal with.  So I went, shaking and anxiety ridden, to my meeting and actually lost 1.4 pounds!!  The feeling I felt was pride and amazment!!!  I realized while it wasn't a strike like my 6 pound loss the week before, it was certainly NOT a gutter ball.  I did make healthy choices when we ate out and I completely tracked and stuck to my points.  So, I guess I can live my life and participate in family time and not be so hard on myself.  I can assure you I will never cry over it again!

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