Friday, July 5, 2013

Need some suggestions...

I am still at a plateau.  I met with my trainer and I know that's going to help, but I was taking to someone at the gym and she said I should tweak my diet.  Well I already eat super healthy.  I rarely eat processed, frozen foods.  I cook all my meals.  I bring lunch everyday.  Eat tons of fruits and veggies.  Eat breakfast everyday.  Never, ever eat fried or fast food.  I eat very little dessert.  So what in the world do I cut out??  I eat equal amounts of protein.  My carb intake isn't in excess.  So how do I "tweak" my diet?? 

I guess I need to cut out eating out at all.  I also never got Starbucks when I was doing my best.  I brought my own popcorn and treats to the movies.  I would go on a strict no resteraunt week where I never ate one bite unless I cooked it. 

So maybe I need to get back to those habits and see if it helps.  I certainly have this maintenance thing down.  Problem is, I don't want to maintain this weight.  I still have serious goals in my mind.  I want to lose another 80 pounds.  Why not??  I've already lost 187.  What's another 80???  It's A LOT harder than it was in the beginning, so, that's what I'm going to try.  I'm going to go back to the beginning.  To the girl who literally tracked every bite and wrote herself motivational notes.  I really want to get to 200 pounds lost by my two year mark at Weight Watchers.  September 14th.  That's the date.  I think I can do it.  I'm open to suggestions to push me over :)

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