Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breaking Goals and making new ones...

I can not believe how much I've changed and grown since I first started going to the gym in January.  I remember when I first started, I was absolutely terrified!  I was embarrassed about my size and sweating and looking like an idiot on the treadmill cause I was walking so slow.  I was also afraid of trying new work outs and I would only do the treadmill for a good 3 months before I even looked at anything else.  As I got stronger, I got braver.  I started setting goals for myself.  My initial goal when I first got on that treadmill was to just get to a mile on a steady basis.  I could barely do .8 miles in 45 minutes.  So as my strength increased my new goal became 30 min miles, then 20, then 15.  I finally got to 15 yesterday!!!!  But tonight was more than I ever dreamed...I did 2 miles in less than 30 minutes!!!!!  I was also at a pretty steep incline the entire time.  I'm so proud of myself!  I never stopped once.  I didn't even want to.  Each step made me feel so empowered!  I actually enjoy the sweat now because I know it's working and I am certainly not embarrassed anymore at all!!  I walk in that gym like I'm meant to be there and I absolutely love this new me!!  My new goal is set to jog/run for half a mile without walking.  This is going to be tough but I know I can do anything I set out to do...I will not let myself down!

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